Cloud Identification For Mobile: A SIM-less world ahead

One of the biggest developments in the mobile phone revolution was the invention of the Subscriber Identification Module or more commonly known as the SIM card. Before SIM cards, people had to switch to a new number and transfer their contacts and data whenever they wanted to use a different phone. SIM cards changed all that and made it much more convenient for people to switch phones.

Multi-SIM Evolution

The next step in the evolution of mobile phones came long before smartphones and mobile operating systems, in the form of dual-sim interfaces. People simply wanted the flexibility that multiple lines and contact numbers offered. Nowadays, there are even phones that have hot-swappable SIM cards.

However, with the development of cloud computing and netphones, the future seems to point towards a SIM-less world. But what then will take the place of SIM cards?

Get a SIM without the card

The answer to this lies in the nature of the SIM card itself. In the simplest form, it’s merely an identification device much like a social security number or a library card. This means anything that can be used to identify the phone’s user has the potential to replace a SIM card. Considering that most mobile devices today make use of cloud storage, it’s quite possible that a simple login can take the place of the SIM card.

Biometrics and Apps

In the future, you might not even have to save your login. In the place of passwords, a simple biometric scanner built into the mobile phone will allow you to access information stored in the cloud. This would then allow you to choose which contact number or which “unit” to activate. Instead of SIM cards, you might have SIM apps, which would allow you to access separate inboxes, directories and take calls directed at different numbers–all in the same phone.

Apple and other manufacturers are actually pushing for smaller versions of the SIM card and it’s only a matter of time before they disappear altogether. We’ll see what the future holds but a SIM-less world might just be around the corner.

Bayo Adekanmbi