Bayo Adekanmbi

A believer in people, purpose and possibilities

  • A believer in people, purpose and possibilities and the dynamic interplay between these tripartite entities.
  • A believer in the supreme role of God as the Master-Architect of all things.
  • A believer in the enablement of technology and how it intercepts and defines how we live, work and play.

Details of these expressions are captured in his everyday footprints below:

Experienced C-level Business Leader in Strategy, Analytics& Marketing

  • Chief Transformation Executive, MTN Nigeria
  • Previously served as General Manager Business Intelligence and Chief Marketing/Strategy Officer.
  • Awarded the prestigious MTN Yello Star award for the conceptualisation of a
    Customer Value/Risk Management framework, which led to multi-billion naira
    revenue growth.

A practising, Kaggle-validated Data Scientist

Patent owner (USPO final approval stage) for a Data Science product

  • Social Pricing Recommender algorithm for low income prepaid telecommunication
    users using uncalled-called numbers modelling (US62400186).

Author of The Future is Shared : Sharing Economy and Sharepreneurship in emerging

Founder, Data Science Nigeria non-profit (

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