A Googling Future Ahead…

Gone were the days when the verb “googling” only referred to searching any topic on Google search engine. We now know that Google will mean to our generation than basic search. Google’s aggressive quest to own the future is demonstrated by its recent knowledge investment in Space elevators, Project Glass, Robots, Android, Android @Home etc. From Kansas’ Fibre to YouTube expanded support in Sarasota, Florida, we can only imagine how the internet giant is reshaping our lives using technology.

Ever since Google was founded over a decade ago, it has no longer remained just a search engine and has gone way ahead in developing innovative and cutting-edge technological solutions for the future. While other search engines offered only search, Google was always one step ahead in creating new opportu
nities for the world.

 The Panda/Penguin search algorithms changing the search ecosystem

Many search engine optimization experts dislike how Google’s Penguin and Panda updates have destroyed their clients’ site rankings. One thing is for sure that websites with quality content and backlinks are being rewarded. Nobody would disagree with the positive evolution of the search ecosystem from merely using content keywords to using quality content that people really like to read.

Project Glass looking into the future

In the summer of 2012, Google came up with an innovative project named Google Glass, which gives wearer the unique ability of finding routes, accepting and making calls, sending messages and performing various routines, all through voice commands without the use of hands. In the future, such technology is definitely going to change how we interact with each other and may evolve into M2M and cars will have an enriched screen to drive on their own to where we have preset them to be.

Android @Home taking care of our homes

Google is currently in the development of a complete home solution called the Android @Home platform, which would have several things connected with the operating system, Android. This means your Refrigerator can make an automatic order whenever the milk supply is low or when coffee is running out, all from the app, and a notice to your bank account.

Google X – Robots

According to reports, the internet giant is running a lab at an undisclosed location where robots are developed to control most of our everyday routine tasks. The future of robotic using artificial intelligence, supported by multi-location data sources mean that machines will do more work for us than before, they will think, imagine and pre-emptively act in our “favour”

A sneak peek into the future

We all love Google Street View and the platform-neutral  Android OS, and these are indicative of a more liberal and open-source world ahead that will ultimately improve our daily lives.

Gone were the days when these technologies were mental fantasies limited to science fiction, we are now persuaded that there are no limits for this highly motivated and energetic company in the long run.